History of The Herd

Our motley crew of creative mischief-makers, miscreants and video production specialists began their long journey together when Jon Foster and Elliot Cutler first met during a local athletic competition in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Upon proving their worth to one another out on the field of play, they decided the next logical step would be to tackle a few video production projects together. Soon, the dynamic duo would be joined by the likes of other brave nomadic video experts, in their own right.

Now with a team of 9 and their loyal canine/feline/guinea pig companions, they continue to make a name for themselves in the greater video production community, capturing motion, and building it out from scratch.

Impatient Cow truly exemplifies the principle of Gestalt—the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And even with all the nominations and awards for their countless video production efforts—Tellys, Addys, Emmys, and Moobys, just to name a few—it’s still the time spent with their most cherished companions that matters most. Somewhat sappy, but very true.

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