Benin, Africa…. WOW!!

“Marco, you’re going to Africa!”  These are the first words that came out of the mouth of our producer, James Jolly, after having just flown back from Florida. I was genuinely surprised that he was being serious, getting to go to the country of Benin, Africa with Impatient Cow Productions, and man, let me tell you, what a crazy experience! The food, the people, the music, everything was just so packed with a type of culture I had never seen before. We went to shoot a documentary-style video for Ancestry involving a young man named Keiron Graham. His story was very unique. It led to the discovery of an older brother he never knew he had. Getting to know this young man and the workers who made this trip possible was an amazing experience. Thank you Ancestry for giving us the opportunity to tell the story of this spontaneous adventure in the country of Benin, Africa.

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