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We had a good time filming for Utah outdoor recreation. We traveled all around Utah interviewing a unique group of dedicated and hard working people to keep what they love going strong. The goal of this video is for businesses and other organizations to receive grants from government officials to keep trails and various locations… Read more

America’s Violinist, Jenny Oaks Baker, is a Grammy nominated, Billboard No. 1 recording artist, and performer.  Whether her music is experienced live or through one of her many recordings or music videos, it is impossible to escape the magic of her artistry.

“Avocados” is a spot we shot for Costa Vida in Morelia, Mexico. We pared down our equipment to a mere ten cases and two of us set off for one of the more dangerous areas on the continent. We had a truly wonderful time with the folks from TSG and Costa Vida, as well as… Read more

“Santa Bribes” came to us as a delightful concept from our friends at Penna Powers. A long shoot day, with lots of set decoration and a wonderful performance by Santa himself, resulted in a charming spot of which we’re quite proud.


Jumping into the world of VFX can be a lot of fun but also very hard and time consuming. We always want to go above and beyond with the work we do as artists, and we run into situations that allow us to challenge ourselves and better our work. This was the first time we… Read more

This was a fun project we did to help a fledgling company win a government contest.  We interviewed the principals, who were very intelligent, interesting individuals.  Then we went out to the Nevada desert and shot them testing their rockets to great success.  We used seven cameras to capture the rocket launches and used drones… Read more

Once again we have teamed up with Penna Powers to create our next installment of Super Bowl commercials. The Harmons eShop spot was as much fun if not better than the actual Super Bowl. Working with this professional crew brings out the best in everyone. Lighting was perfect, camera was on point, directing was phenomenal, and over all post production turned out amazing. This is our second super bowl spot for Harmons, and let me tell you “Great Choice!” a quote from Bob Harmon, who was great to work with.

Bike Utah is a great organization that loves to take care of Utah’s bike community. We participated in filming their amazing youth BEST program. The kids loved to be on camera as we filmed them riding around the bikes that Bike Utah would provide them. We used 2 Panasonic EVA 1 cameras and 1 drone… Read more

We worked with Penna Powers on a Harmons commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. As always, the creatives at Penna gave us a beautiful and inventive concept and collaborated closely with us to ensure that the client’s goals were achieved. Post production was accomplished on a tight schedule, with editing, motion graphics, and color… Read more

In September we had the pleasure of working with NBC and Coca Cola on a series of broadcast commercials for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. These commercials are being aired nationally and were featured during the 2018 Super Bowl. The video production employed a crew of 53 and employed six Red Helium cameras. In spite… Read more

“Marco, you’re going to Africa!”  These are the first words that came out of the mouth of our producer, James Jolly, after having just flown back from Florida. I was genuinely surprised that he was being serious, getting to go to the country of Benin, Africa with Impatient Cow Productions, and man, let me tell… Read more

  The Salk Lake City community Initiative approached us to be a part of their awesome Jordan river project. Over the past 3 years the project mixed recreation and art by engaging over 200 Salt Lake youth in Jordan River canoeing and river inspired mural painting with local community artists. The Jordan River Community Initiative… Read more

Nathan has been Post-Production Supervisor at Impatient Cow Productions for over 12 years, and has managed and cataloged over 870 separate projects (as of this writing). He can access any part of any project within several minutes notice. Being able to quickly and efficiently access and change any project is paramount when dealing in the… Read more

We had so much fun covering such a wonderful event like Bonanza Campout. Impatient Cow Productions is a Salt Lake City film production company that loves to support local festivals! The full experience is just amazing. From camping with all your friends, to the late night pond yacht after party. Everyone is having such a… Read more