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Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett is a commercial Cinematographer and Creative Storyteller. With his past experience as a lead tech for RED Digital Cinema, Jonathan has evolved into a technical and creative leader in the “High-End Digital Film” revolution and continues to push the bar through traditional filmmaking and advanced technologies. He has been fortunate to work on Campaigns for companies such as Levi’s, Samsung, Vizio, Adidas, ESPN, Warner Brothers Records, Montage Resorts, Panasonic, Monster Energy, Vans and played a critical role in helping to co-create and shoot The RED CollectiveSeries for RED Digital Cinema. Jonathan’s passion for storytelling has landed him a number of commercial, branding, and campaign-based projects and he is now starting to incorporate short and long-form filmmaking into his agenda. He is dedicated, sharp and always a step ahead on everything from the big picture to the exact angles. His positive attitude infuses a set with life, keeping everyone working with a smile on their face. Jonathan is based in Southern California and available Worldwide.