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Scott Hathaway

Scott’s work is best told with pictures.  After failing out of physics and calculus in his first semester, a degree in filmmaking seemed far less scientific.  And the artist’s lifestyle better suited his clothes anyways.  Post-graduation he spent 10 years on the commercial scene in Austin, watching the world spin round from behind a camera. Today, he’s a self-loathing, high-functioning hippy with a month’s supply of canned tomatoes in his basement.  Scott has put his wandering eye to good use for The Cow, traveling across the country many times over as well as making stops in several foreign locations. Always trying to evoke the emotion of what the image should feel like, if he’s shooting product shots of food, then by golly he’ll make you feel like a ham sandwich. Past clients include Dell, AMC, PBS, Viceland, NASA, and Willie Nelson.