Devon McFarland

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Devon started out as a self-taught video editor and motion graphic designer while freelancing for over 10 years before leaving his hometown to pursue his education and career. Graduating from The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School in Orlando, Florida, Devon found his way into the broadcasting world working for companies like Starz Entertainment and NBC Universal. After a few years in the broadcasting world, Devon decided that it was time to follow his true calling and found his way back into the freelancing world as Multi-Media Artist. After a few more years as a freelance Multi-Media Artist it was time to move onto the next part in his career which lead to being picked up as a Post-Production Specialist for Impatient Cow Productions. His hobbies include collecting hat pins, watching movies, and playing rocket league. Devon loves to spend his days off with his girlfriend Dorothy and his daughter Demi while exploring Utah.

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